Animal Collective - Transverse Temporal Gyrus Album -

Альбом: Transverse Temporal Gyrus

Separated into two lengthy tracks (with “Part 1” playing at nearly 13 minutes and “Part 2” stretching more than 14 minutes), these pieces were collaged from recordings of the band’s March 2010 performances at NYC's Guggenheim Museum. It opens with what sounds like alien drones humming through a dripping-wet rainforest as spectral noises whizz by. Over peripherally panned guitar, Josh Deakin sings off-kilter lyrics before fading out to usher in more haunting tones. But his vocals return with a strobed delay alongside thunderous percussion and looped feedback. The composition closes with what sounds like bedsprings being plucked, amplified, and distorted. The second half starts with sped-up vocals squeaking next to space-age ambience that trails off into a synthesized windstorm. Deakin’s layered and reverberated vocals come in chanting over backward sounds and detuned guitars. Randomly sped-up and slowed-down tape loops close the recording. This release may not appease everyone who picked up on Animal Collective after hearing “My Girls," but it's a solid document of the group at its most eclectic. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.