Animal Collective - Hollinndagain Album -

Альбом: Hollinndagain

Hollinndagain is a live album by Baltimore based band Animal Collective (here operating under the name Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist), released in 2002 on St. Ives. Only 300 copies were initially made; each and every copy featured a unique cover, hand-made by the band themselves. For several years it was a vinyl-only release; Animal Collective's own label, Paw Tracks, re-released the album on October 31, 2006, on both CD and vinyl. Although Hollinndagain is a live album, most fans consider it to be the group's third official album because it contained all new material at the time it was released, except "Lablakely Dress" which previously appeared on Danse Manatee. Hollinndagain is a collection of live material from around the time of the band's second album, Danse Manatee. The first three songs were recorded during a performance on New Jersey radio station WFMU; the final four were culled from live shows in New York, Nashville and Austin with Black Dice in the summer of 2001. Geologist discussed the creation of sounds for Hollinndagain on the Collected Animals message board: "We didn't use any samplers, just minidiscs. And we've only ever had 2 synths used in Animal Collective, the Roland SH-2 and the Juno-60. We were using both on that material back then… we used lots of pedals and effects processors too and made feedback loops.” Geologist also explained why Hollinndagain material never made it to the studio on the Collected Animals message board: "i don't know if i remember the events well enough to point out a moment that would answer that. in my memory it just kind of happened that way. st. ives asked us to do one of their limited lp's and we had never done any studio versions of those songs so we decided to release those live versions because we thought they were sweet sounding, and did the songs justice. the wfmu radio session sounded great to us after we did it so that was a no brainer. as for why we never did studio versions of those songs, that i'm fuzzy about. we were playing them at shows around nyc for the first half of 2001, which was also the time we were recording and mixing danse manatee. so the hollindagain jams took up our live time and the danse manatee jams took up our recording time. i sort of remember some talk of recording pride fight and forest gospel and releasing an ep with those 2 and forest children risen and ahh good country. all four of those used similar styles of playing the acoustic guitar in a percussive way so they seemed to fit together in our heads. but that talk didn't go anywhere i guess. then we did the dice tour, and after that i took off to travel for the summer and when i got back we decided to start playing with all four of us there and just started working on new material. so the hollindagain songs just kind of left our minds and we never got around to them. the era seemed to have ended. the st. ives offer came after we had already started writing here comes the indian, and we thought it was a shame we never recorded or released any hollindgain jams so it offered us a sweet opportunity to do it." User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.